If you’re a functioning mother, you will undoubtedly have had people make a few suppositions about you. Not all that much, essentially. Our human cerebrums simply pursue faster routes, dependent on our encounters and what little information we may have. We’re wired that way. What’s more, our predispositions come through.

Andreas Gilbert Setiawan, or Andre, is one of our interns currently involved as School Relations for Quipper Campus. He is 21 years old and an active student majoring in entrepreneurship and business management or commonly called Creativepreneurship.

Andre is currently working remotely from Bandung, West Java. As a multinational company…

A graduate of the School of Business and Management Institut Teknologi Bandung (SBM ITB), Ayesha says her first year at Quipper has developed her data analytics & sales strategy skills so much. Now, she reflects herself as someone who strives to be a data driven person.

About her role

“My role is responsible…

Herman Suganda is our Sales Officer who has spent 4 years here in Quipper. Graduate of bachelor of engineering, he prefers to work in the sales field. As a distributor of wisdom, Herman is able to solve school and students' problems and offer them solutions. For him, there’s no better…

Irene Suhendro — Art Director Quipper Indonesia

“I feel that passion and sincerity are the essential parts when it comes to creating something for other people. I have an immense responsibility for the work that I do, and I gain happiness when I make other people happy with my work. If it’s aligned with my passion and…

Every year on the 21st of April, we celebrate Kartini Day to commemorate the birth of Raden Ajeng Kartini, one of the country’s national heroes and a symbol of women’s empowerment in Indonesia for promoting gender equity and women’s rights. She also promoted the lifelong pursuit of education for women.

Bobby Prabowo is our Engineering Manager. He was awarded Quipper Champion 2020. We’ve done an interview with him so we can get to know his feelings, thoughts, and important lessons during his journey here in Quipper.

Maintain Company Culture and Grow the Team

As an Engineering Manager for the Learn…

Umai started out in the Telesales team, before joining the HR & Operations team of Quipper Indonesia in January 2018. Then 2 years after joining the team, in August 2020, he was chosen as Quipper Champion 2020. …

The Art of Working with diverse colors of people

Ahmad Marzuqi is one of Quipper’s Content Officers. He was awarded Quipper Champion 2020 from Quipper’s Content team. Here he shares his thoughts and feelings towards his long journey in Quipper.

The Space Between Time

When I was young, I always envisioned myself becoming one of the experts and best people in whatever field…

Dear Introverts, it’s possible to talk to humans 24/7. I’ve done it myself.

Since I first worked in Quipper, I was assigned to multiple departments.

It was one rough ride.

As a fresh graduate back then, I actually wanted to become a full time programmer, since my background is from IT. However, fate didn’t turn out as I wished it to be. …

Life at Quipper

A leading education technology company aiming to bring the best education to all corners of the world. https://www.quipper.com/id/

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