Appreciate and Reward Your Progress to Keep You Motivated

Umai started out in the Telesales team, before joining the HR & Operations team of Quipper Indonesia in January 2018. Then 2 years after joining the team, in August 2020, he was chosen as Quipper Champion 2020. Here he shares his thoughts as a Quipperior, as well his approach to self motivation.

Get To Know Umai Closer

Umaidi Suhari is a Talent Acquisition Specialist. He provides recruitment support primarily focused on product and business side divisions. These include scouting, screening, interviewing, scheduling, offering, negotiating, and onboarding prospective candidates.

As an HR Officer, Umai has also been in charge of corporate and employer branding together with the PR team. Umai’s responsibility is to increase public awareness of Quipper as a company through sharing information on our internal/external activities, Quipperior stories, and more, to the public. These initiatives aim to have a reputable corporate and employer brand which will lead to a positive perception of our company in the eyes of others, and also to attract more top talents.

“Quipper helps me improve my self development skills and build a strong personality”

When Umai first entered Quipper 4 years ago, he started his career in a telesales position. This position required him to have excellent communication and sales skills. From this role, he also needed to be able to start and maintain meaningful conversations with strangers. After working as telesales, Umai was then offered as online support. Through online support, he learned how to build better relationships with Quipper users and to increase customer value. These two roles essentially drove him to be a good executor.

When he was promoted to be a Talent Acquisition Specialist, he realized that this position requires him to be an expert as an executor and a planner. He also needed to be able to do strategic planning and implementation. Whilst Umai’s previous roles taught him a lot as an executor, he learned and developed his capabilities on how to be a good and strategic planner from his colleagues. To enhance his title, he also read many articles about the recruitment world and his manager even supported him with some book recommendations.

“Appreciate progress and reward yourself”

Self-reward can be given at any time but Umai specifically set aside time for it as a routine, doing it as part of his evening reflections. Umai always starts his morning with a positive mindset and ends it with self-reward, as credit for his hard work and effort for that day. Umai believes that there are many ways to reward yourself, you can reward yourself however you like, and you don’t even have to have money!

When we reward ourselves, it helps us to keep being motivated and thinking positively.

Upgrading your knowledge and experiencing something new in your life is a must, therefore currently, Umai is planning to take an online course in data analytics and design.

Being Quipper Champion 2020

Because of his previous experience in sales, he thought it would be easy for him to catch up on his new position in the HR & Operations team, but instead of feeling at ease, the first few weeks turned out to be especially exhausting and confusing. In the end, he started to reflect and identify his work, step by step. Umai started to set a positive mindset on how much learning he would get from his position.

Now, he loves his job thanks to his supportive colleagues who encourage each other and are very helpful to him.

Umai stated that work is worship. “If your work has a social impact, you will get double the reward of worship. Whatever religion you profess, you must agree that the duty and responsibility of humans are only to worship Him.”

Umai believes that hard work and smart work will result in the goodness that you will get at the right time.

“For everything that you do today, it comes up with two results. Fail and success . If it fails, make it a lesson so you don’t make mistakes and fail over and over again. And if you succeed, it is a form of your hard work and effort.”

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