Self-Transformation Has Made Me a Better Visual Animator

Novi Jingga is Quipper Indonesia’s Visual Animator. Her current duties and responsibilities are to make illustration assets and animations for Direct Sales Learning Journey Videos, which is a special collaboration project between the Direct Sales and Content team. The objective of this collaboration is to produce Quipper promotion videos with fascinating stories as it’s content. Through this role, Novi has made videos to become more attractive, enjoyable, and easier to understand for students watching it. The enjoyable videos became a significant factor to help students achieve their goals.

The part of the job that she enjoys the most is animating the illustration assets. It makes her feel very satisfied when she is able to make the animation look great. And she especially loves the stage of the process, when she’s still trying to explore and experiment on ways to make her creations look more attractive.

But, what she finds the most rewarding is when her work really helps viewers to enjoy and understand the content of the videos.

In June 2020, she was awarded as Quipperior of the Month to highlight her effort and great performance. We conducted an interview with Novi to share her learnings and how she expanded her horizons during her role as a Visual Animator in Quipper Indonesia.

Stepping Up In Tough Situations

At first, I found myself struggling with deadlines. It wasn’t easy for me to keep up with the expected deadlines. The pressure with deadlines made me feel anxious and increased my stress level — to the point it made me start questioning reality, constantly.

But then I realized these feelings lead me nowhere, and what I need to do is to improve my ability so that I can navigate through these tough situations better.

I then just started to keep on improving my work performance, and changing my point of view regarding deadlines. I started to try to let myself believe that deadlines have their benefits. In fact, it does — it reduces procrastination, increases productivity, and helps us to set priorities.

When I compare myself with the “old me”, I notice that today I can produce 1 video in less than 10 days. My illustrations and animations now look much more interesting and dynamic compared to back then . not only the quantity but the quality of the videos I produce have many improvements.

And at this point, I realize that I have indeed come far. I think of this as one of my milestones, and I know that I am already on the right track for what I did to improve myself.

Changes In Character-Wise

For the character-wise qualities that I think I have and still developed significantly are effective communication, teamwork, dependability, time management, problem-solving, open-mindedness, willingness to learn, and empathy.

Effective communication is needed to facilitate communication with the team. Teamwork is needed to help and be supportive of each individual on the team. Dependability is needed to build trust in the team. I think these 3 essentials keys are really playing the important parts on the team, because without them it will be really hard on the workflow, and, of course, it will create problems on the team if you don’t have these 3 keys. For example, miscommunication which I think it’s a problem that can slow down the team’s workflow.

Time management is needed to be more effective and efficient in using your time. If I have good time management, it will allow me to accomplish more in a shorter period of time. It has so many benefits because it provides more free time, and I can use it for relaxing and taking a break, starting earlier for the next project, or helping other team members.

Problem-solving is needed to control or fix things that we encounter to improve effectiveness in your work while open-mindedness and willingness to learn are needed because it helps you to always learn and grow. Empathy is equally important. I think we need them to perceive and relate to other people. For example, to understand the situation, thoughts, or individual emotions.

Develop Professional Skills

Among the skills required for a career as a Visual Animator, perhaps the most important attribute is creativity. To me, these are all important keys to help me produce better works, so I can make the videos more visually appealing.

  • Illustration and graphic design are needed to illustrate what you want to show for the audiences. An illustration is a visual explanation of a text, and it can be a decoration or an interpretation of a text. Graphic design is all about planning and projecting experiences and ideas.

I feel really proud of my self-transformation. It gave me confidence and helps me a lot to achieve things I set on my mind. To my younger self,

“I would like to tell you to always try your best and never give up because when you don’t try your best, you will regret it, and once you give up, it’s over.”

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